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    Thermal Analysis

    Vikas M. K.

      I am doing thermal analysis on heat exchanger.I am having inlet temperature, Pressure inside the tubings and reducer, heat flux. Using this how to do thermal analysis??

      Can u please help me out!!!

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          Jared Conway

          are you just doing a straight thermal analysis or also a thermal stress analysis?


          do you have access to sim pro only or also flow simulation?


          first thing i'd suggest is checking out the tutorials for the software and if you can, catch a class to get the basics of the software. if you can, one-on-one training is really helpful for your first project. contact me at jared@hawkridgesys.com if you're interested in looking at some options along these lines.


          regarding the problem at hand, post a few more details like a picture of your assembly and i'm sure the forumers can help you out.