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    Expand/Restore Task Pane

    Matt Martens

      Is there a way to program a macro to expand/restore the task pane size (see attached picture)? I would like to write a macro that toggles this and assign to a shortcut key.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      -Matt Martens

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          Josh Brady

          I don't see a way to hide it in the API based on a quick look, although I didn't do an exhaustive search.


          You can display it with the following macro, which pins and then unpins it.



          Sub main()


              With Application.SldWorks

                  .TaskPaneIsPinned = True

                  .TaskPaneIsPinned = False

              End With


          End Sub

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              Matt Martens

              This will work if there are no other solutions.


              The reason i want the expand/restore button is i would like it to stay pinned at all times so i can still view it in a narrow state and then toggle the size of the pane with the press of the shortcut key when i need to access items in the task pane.