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Can task-generated PDFs take revision from a part rather than the drawing?

Question asked by Ben Cumming on Aug 8, 2013
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I am in the process of migrating our Solidworks data over to an Enterprise PDM vault and have run into problems regarding part and drawing revisions.


First a little about our existing revision system.  Every part and assembly has a "Revision" custom property which is manually updating when needed.  Drawings do not have a revision, but the revision read from the part/assembly shown is displayed in the title block.  When drawings are sent for manufacture (both external and in-house) a PDF is made, with a filename that incorporates the revision.  So for example:

  • Bracket.SLDPRT may have a "Revision" property of "C"
  • Bracket.SLDDRW has no "Revision" property, but displays "C" in the title block (read through $PRPSHEET)
  • BracketC.PDF would be the document created and sent out for manufacture.  The creation and naming of PDFs is currently done manually.


Moving to ePDM we are very keen to automate PDF creation, which of course can be done through tasks and triggered in workflows.  However I am having great trouble handling drawing revisions and the creation of PDFs with the correct file names.  So to my first and most pressing question, when generating PDFs through tasks can the revision used in the file name be taken from the part shown in a drawing, rather than the drawing itself?


If this can be done I can retain our current revision system and everyone is happy.


If this cannot be done there are several other options I have considered, though none seem perfect:

  • Give all drawings a "Revision" custom property upon import to ePDM.  This revision matches the revision of the part shown (I can do this via $PRPSHEET variables on the drawing card, but requires all drawings be opened manually and saved before inital check in to the vault).  These two revisions are then locked together and are always equal.  I do not know how this could be achieved.
  • Give all drawings their relevant revision upon import and then let the part and drawing revisions differ.  I would prefer to avoid this.


I've gone round in circle for the past few days, and our PDM distributor is having trouble helping.  Does anyone here have advice/suggestions?