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Inability to set SECTION=ELBOW for elbow elements in Abaqus CAE 6.11-3

Question asked by Yordan Venev on Aug 8, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2013 by Yordan Venev

Hello everybody,


That is probably not the most proper place to ask for assistance for Abaqus (I appologise for that) but I hope that the people here have experience with it as well.


I would like to model a simple pipe structure with any of the elbow elements available in Abaqus, for instance the beam element ELBOW31. In the Mesh module I successfully assign ELBOW31 as Element Type but it is also needed to assign an elbow section in the Property module. The problem is that when I create a Beam section in the list with the profiles I do not see "Elbow". In the Abaqus manual for Beam Section it says "Set SECTION=ELBOW for elbow elements, which are available only in Abaqus/Standard." ( In my version Abaqus/ CAE 6.11-3, Abaqus/Standard is the product employed in the simulation process so I don't understand why I can't see Elbow as an available cross section profile for beam elements?


Can you give me a clue how could I employ the elbow elements in my analysis?


Thank you for the help in advance!



Yordan Venev