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    data card button as link to specific folder

    Martin Sedlar

      I´d like to use similar functionality what we know from link file from Windows.

      Basically: To have a file with link (reference) to specific folder.

      So in EPDM card editor I set on data card button where user browse for folder. Value of user defined folder path is stored in "PATH" EPDM variable.


      (note: You can use command string button with ´explorer.exe "SpecificStaticPath"´, and after clicking on data card button is explorer window opened at defined path).

      The "PATH" value I´d like to use as a trigger at different button command string. For example ´explorer.exe "%PATH%"´. This I tried, but it does not work.


      Any pointers?

      Please share!

        • Re: data card button as link to specific folder
          Martin Sedlar

          I finally sort it out, so consider this as info for you if you meet the same need.

          I created a new file format (lets say it´s *.NFF) for the purpose and made a data card for it. User can define folder path by clicking on the data card button and it´s stored to file data card variable.

          after this action any of user can select this file and run dispatch. Dispatch reads varible value from data card and uses it as parameter in shell execute open command "C:\Windows\explorer.exe"

          So the file *.NFF can be stored anywhere in EPDM with folder path information content and by using dispatch user can open new explorer window in the specific folder path.


          I hope i could help some of you