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Composer not showing detail views, text, polylines etc.

Question asked by Martin Jensen on Aug 8, 2013
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As you can see in the screenshot, there is 2 detail views in the highlighted view. But when opening the specific view, the details won't show. I've also experienced this with text and polylines.

If I create a new view, and insert the details, I'll be able to see it, even if I create new views and then go back to the one with the details. And sometimes it still works after I save the file, and reopen it. But once the problem occur, I can't get the details back.

I have no idea, what's causing this problem.


I create new views by making empty views (right click + "create empty view"), instead of clicking on the "create view" button, since the position of the object won't be locked in "empty views".

I think that my problem only occur in the "empty views" and not by using "create view".


Another question

Is it possible to enable tooltips for the digger and right-click menu (in the viewer), so when hovering the mouse over buttons, it show the function of the button.