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can't invert an arc once created?

Question asked by Mark Buckland on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by Steve Labonte

I've searched this through help and online, but cannot find any solutions apart from deleting the arc and creating a new one.

This is often fine when initially drawing the sketch, but becomes an issue when the sketch already drives other parts or assemblies and deleting the arc will remove references.

I'm using SLDWRKS 2013 x64 sp0.


I found a SPR #: 571475 for this which went cold.


It seems such a fundamental action and im sure has been discussed previously??

I'm aware that this wouldn't work as an auto-solve feature otherwise sketches will be falling over upon sketch movement.

Surely there's a way to invert/reverse the arc concave/convex and visa versa?  Like it does when first drawing a 3 point arc.

Have I missed something?