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    Duplicate Templates?

    Sean Walker

      When I try to start a new part/assy/drawing or create a new drawing from a part all of my templates show up twice. I've checked the folder location for the templates and even created my own and the are only in there once.


      Not a crippling problem but a little annoying.


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          Bob Golownia

          Your picture didn't come through, but see if you have more than one file location for your document templates.


          Go to



          File Locations


          Under the firt dropdown that says: Show folders for:  select Document Templates


          If you have more than one folder shown under Folders: it could be creating your duplicates.  If so, delete one of the file paths.  You can change your stored locations here as well.

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              Sean Walker

              Awesome. That did it. I had created a custom location and kept the default Solidworks Location as well.


              I've been using Solidwors for a long time now and have never seen this issue.


              This is my first time posting a question to any blog ever. Thank you for makeing it a good experiance!