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Form Tool Error

Question asked by Sean Riker on Aug 7, 2013
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I am trying to create a form tool that has a Lance on top of an Emboss. When I try to insert it I get the "part thickness may not be compatible" error. My minimum radius is .0785, and no matter how much I exaggerate the part thickness (literally down to .002") the error remains.


I can separate the Lance form tool from the Emboss form tool by suppressing geometry and I can come up with either a lance or an emboss that work just fine on their own. Because I need a lance on top of an Emboss this option accomplishes nothing because SolidWorks tells me I cannot overlap form tools by placing even a small lance on the flat face of the emboss created be the form tool.


Is there a way to incorporate a Lance and Emboss into a sheet metal part?


P.s. I need five of these on the same part, so it needs to pattern well as well.


Thanks in advance.