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    Serious error attempting to run macro.

    Ed Cyganik


      Does anyone know why a macro would run perfectly fine on some workstations but then error on others?

      Please note that the macro did run on one particular machine but for some reason it stopped working and now displays the same error.

      The error is shown in the attachment, is is as follows:

            "A serious error occurred during macro playback.

           Perhaps the macro was not played in the correct context.

           The system could be in an unstable state now."


      The macro creates a part so no other documents need be open.


      In my case, I can also run the macro while in Part, Assembly or Drawing mode and it works fine.

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          Ed Cyganik

          I'm not sure why nobody responded to this question as it was an easy answer if you know API but thanks to my VAR, CADimension Inc. and Applications Engineer Scott Blackwell, he determined the problem.


          Quite simply, the order of references needed to be changed.


          With the macro open in Microsft Visual Basic, choose "References..." from the "Tools" drop down menu. From the "Available References" list, I selected "Microsoft Excel 12.0 Object Library" and changed its priority from last to third.


          Anyway, that's it.


          Life is good,   ...again!