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    How to show turbulent flow

    Ariel Elboim

      I am trying to see where the laminar and turbulent regimes of a flow around my aerofoil start and begin and where the transition occurs? is there anyway to show this using cutplots or flow trajectories of contour plots??



      Please help as have deadline this monday and need to get some good diagram asap

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          Jared Conway

          most common way to visualize would be with velocity cut plots and arrows showing the direction.


          you could also plot some of the turbulence parameters, see the help and KB for info on what they are and how they are defined.


          if you're looking for the software to specifically show laminar/turbulent/transition as different colors, there is nothing.


          if these don't work, how would you do this in the "real world"?


          also something you might want to investigate is the method that flow handles turbulence with the RANS/KE method.

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            sandeep pawar

            You could try defining the equation goal for the Reynold's number along the aerofoil at varirous locations and then monitor that. That way you can get an idea where the transition starts.