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Nonlinear - Large Part  "non-Pneumatic Wheel"

Question asked by Ryan Carteris on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by Ryan Carteris

I am trying to study a design for a non-pneumatic wheel.


The problem is the part is very complex.  The flexible supports are made from layers of thin aluminum sheet metal strips.  The double whammy  , the mesh is very fine to correctly map the thin sheet metal  & I have about 54 non-penetrating contacts in-between the layers of sheet metal.


The contacts would behave similar to this

The non -penetrating contracts are there because the sheet metal is set up similar to a leaf spring . Another issue is I can't find a way to simplify the wheel. I can't run a 2-d simulation because the part is not symmetric throughout . I have tried using shells  for the sheet metal but I also have solid parts.  I would have to learn how to do a hybrid study.



I have run the entire wheel in a static study & the deformation looks appropriate but I know it needs to be analyzed with a non-linear study to be accurate.


I have a decent computer that maxes out around 7,000,000 nodes, but this non-linear study is taking forever.



any suggestions on how to simplify this part? Thank you