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invisible sketches

Question asked by Josef Groenveld on Aug 7, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by Glenn Schroeder

I've got an assembly with various parts and subassemblies. I'm drawing the different parts in the main assembly so that they are automatically in the right place. Yesterday i was working on one of my parts and my sketches were visible without any issues but then solidworks crashed when i was trying to import a new subassembly. Now that i've restarted it, my sketches are no longer visible, even when i've marked them to be visible. The sketches are visible when i click on them or modify them but then when i exit the sketch they disappear, except for the particular sketch that is selected. I need to use 2 lines made in 2 different sketch to make a reference plane but i cannot select the lines because the sketches aren't visible. Any help would be much appreciated.