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Using Numeric and Alpha Revs in a single workflow

Question asked by Daniel Ferrucci-Herzberg on Aug 6, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2015 by Peter Hagan

Here at my company, we use ePDM and Enovia V6 (also known as eMatrix) side-by side. I want to create an ePDM workflow splits our design cycle into 2 parts: the "in development" stage before we upload to Enovia, and the "Controlled" stage after. Put simply, I want to use numeric revs up to a certain point, then switch to letter revs once we hit a certain level of maturity. Once we begin using letter revs, I want to start from Rev A.  Is there a way to tell ePDM to switch from number to letter revs (starting at Rev A) once it makes a certain transition? The diagram below should help clarify.