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    Modifying Sketch Dimensions - Cannot enter " (inch) symbol - Global Variable(?)

    Jeff Morriss



      I'm currently having a (seemingly random) issue when trying to modify sketch dimensions of parts...


      usually when I'm entering dimensions (regardless of base template units) I'm able to enter values in the following fashion:






      1 1/2"


      solidworks will normally accept these inputs and convert whatever entry to the base units of the template...


      now, some times when I enter values followed by the " (inch) mark I'm given the following pop-up...



      "Create a new global variable named "1”" ?"

      Yes / No


      ^ where I would have tried to enter 1" as my dimensional value



      I do not have any equations in the parts / assemblies... or any active filters that would think I'm editting equations... the odd thing is that it doesn't prompt this "error" for every dimensional change, I have not yet observed a pattern as the problem has just surfaced


      I am still able to enter inch values by typing "in"



      anyone have any advice? seen this problem before?... not a HUGE deal but even 1 extra letter when entering dimensions becomes a chore after the 10th / 100th / 1000th change...



      thanks again,


      - Jeff