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Question asked by Andrian Sangel on Aug 5, 2013
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Hi everyone,



just want to ask something with regards on the user permissions. ive created a work flow on the different departments please checked my attached work flow(workflow.png)

i have here three different states which are Work-in progress, Pending approvals, released.

my users are composed of different engineering department users. which are MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, ARCHITECTURE,SANITARY - please checked attached screen shot of the group users (users.png).


my concern is ive set folder permissions on the indicated users they can see all the files that are made in the vault but my question is i cannot control the state permission ive created files on mechanical department. but on my work in progress the electrical user can used the state permission to submit all the files that are in work in progress state.

how can i set a permission that the different departments cannot used state permission if he is not the user of that department please checked my permission attached screen shot.




does anybody encounter this problem.


thank you for your help


kindly help me on this matter thank you...