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    Solver abnormally terminated.Please contact the support service

    Syarif Yahya

      Dear all,

      I was wondering if someone could advise me regarding an issue with solidworks flow simulation. I am running a transient simulation which take days to finish for each simulation. Previously I can stop the simulation at any time during the simulation and save the current data. Then the simulation can be continue later.

      However, I found that recently for different model, whenever i stop the simulation and try to continue it later, this message will appear

      ' Solver abnormally terminated. Please contact the support service'. And I have to start the simulation all over again. I have check that I have no issue with RAM and hard disk space. Also the model is correct.

      Therefore, I am really appreciate if someone can advise me regarding this issue.

      Thank you.


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          Jared Conway

          have you checked the solidworks kb? there are a couple of good articles about handling this message.


          i don't think that i've ever seen that message pop up after stopping a solution. it usually happens before even starting to run or a few iterations in. these generally mean there is a problem with your mesh or the setup of your problem.


          with it happening when you stop it, how many iterations have been completed? a screenshot of the solver window would be helpful here.


          my first suggestion would be to check your setup and check your model. here is an article that we put together about the checks that we suggest: http://www.hawkridgesys.com/blog/flow-simulation-4-starting-flow-simulation-analysis/

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              Syarif Yahya

              Hi Jared,


              Thanks fot the reply. Maybe my statement is not clear and forgive me for that.

              The message did not appear after stopping the solution. It appears when you want to continue again the solution after you stop a calculation/simulation. Let sat you run a simulation for 5 hours then you stop the calculation and save the data. Then for the following day when you want to continue the simulation, the problem starts to appear. Normally, it appears after 1st iteration during the second simulation.


              I have googled and few person says that it is might because of space issue. But in my case I have still have lots of RAM and hard disk space available. I have check the design and the assembly, and at the moment not problem with that.


              So, that is why I am running out of idea on solving this issue. And I am really appreciate for any comment or idea from others.


              Thank you

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                  Jared Conway

                  if you restart/continue a calculation, it shouldn't start at iteration 1. it should start where it left off. are you 100% sure you did not make any changes to the model in between?


                  if you start the solution over from the beginning, do you get the problem immediately? (clone the project and start over)


                  regarding hardware/ram, this is easy to test. put together a simple tube model with transient. crank up the mesh so the problem size is similar to yours. run it. stop. restart. if it works, it isn't a hardware or software problem. the problem is specific to your setup/geometry combination.


                  to note, been doing this a long time, my guess is that you should spend some time with your model and setup to make sure it is solid before moving forward on troubleshooting a hardware or software issue. one suggestion, run it as steady state, see if it completes before moving to transient.

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                  Jeff Ly

                  Hello Jared:

                  I am in a very interesting situation related to Solver Abnormally Terminated error message in flow simulation. I have an assembly with an external heat sink. I do not use the heat Sink Simulation feature. I actually have a (internal) fan blowing ambient air through it to cool. My assembly has three different configurations comprising different heat sink sizes and different number of thermal electric modules to pump heat out to the heat sink. I set up simulations to run external flow analysis. The first two configurations have different heat sink and two TEMs. They run fine and finish with expected results. However, the third configuration with the same heat sink as in config. 2 and one different TEM. I constantly get the Solver Abnormally Terminated error message right before it starts Calculations. I check all numeric inputs and model; nothing seems to jump out. Do you have any advices for me?





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                  Kamil Zyskowski

                  I had it in my sim.

                  Please check default solid in General Settings - if it's not transparent


                  If you need transparent material in GS use opaque and then add proper material in Solid Materials feature tree and apply to bodies which needs it.


                  Let us know