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    properties.txt being overwritten

    Jeremiah Daniels

      EVERYTIME I open a new part file and I go to update the file properties to add items like part number and etctera it overwrites it and turns it to that annoying "Punch ID" in the file.  It is really getting on my nerves as it has done this for the last several updates and I have to continually re-type everything in every time.  I am currently running 2013 SP4.  I tried copying the txt file to a different location on the server with the data re-written to what it is supposed to be and then modified the options to point to the new location, only to have the *#$&#() thing overwrite THAT file with "Punch ID" AGAIN.


      I reported this incident since 2012 SP0 and I've never heard back on it that I can recall or find.


      Anyone having similar issues and know how to fix this?

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          Jerry Steiger



          I seem to recall that Deepak discovered that if you add "Punch ID" to the file yourself, that it won't keep adding its own version. There may have been some tricks about required spaces or some such. You might check out the threads in the "More Like This" box on the right or do a search on "Punch ID".


          Jerry S.

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            Sharline Fitch

            I am finding a similar problem. I will do above and see how that works.

            I am trying to get users to link to the same properties file on the server and I get a warning, stating we don't have write access. although all of them have write access to the file and the root folder.

            Any ideas?


            Ok... I just rewrote the properties and added the "punch ID" in the list.

            I opened a part and opened properties the edit list was blank. I closed part opened another.. edit list.. "punch ID" was the only listed item. I looked at the location of the properties list that I made and a new Properties.txt has appeared...?