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Is There Any Technical Doucmentation

Question asked by Eric Brown on Aug 5, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2013 by Ian Worrall

I am curious if there is any technical documentation for the software out there.  The user / training manual is OK, but I find that I have to stumble my way through figuring things out  I have to say that my local guys are pretty responsive for the things they know how to do.


For instance, today I would like to customize my wire labels with the gauge and color.  Both of these variables are used in the wire manager, and, so I assume, should be accessible for formulas.  I don't have a list, however, of the variable s to use in the formulas.


Or, when I wanted to insert PLCs into my drawings.  The Schneider motion controller I used was listed, but not as a PLC.  I had to customize it to allow me to assign IO.  And, the add on modules had no IO assoicated.  I figured it out, but it took too much time.