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    Surface Parameters do not Match Boundary Conditions

    Chris Phillips

      Hello all,


      I am coming across an issue with my results. I am running a flow simulation for a heat exchanger. Here are my boundary conditions:

      Cold In:mass flow=.1442 kg/s, P= 108 kpa, T= 339 K

      Cold Out: Static Pressure = 105 Kpa, T=339 K

      Hot In: Mass flow = .1442 kg/s, P= 103 kpa, T=755 K

      Hot Out: Static Pressure = 102 Kpa, T = 755 K


      When I look at my surface parameters on the cold side, everything seems reasonable, when I look at my surface parameters on the hot side, everything makes sense except I noticed that my mass flow rate does not match up to what I entered in the boundary condition. Instead of being .1442 kg/s, it is at .0428 kg/s. Obviously this significantly alters my other results (pressure drop, heat transfer, etc.) on the hot side.

      Any ideas as to why the surface paramters do not match up with the mass flow rate boundary condition?