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    Own Firepro v4900; just picked up Quadro 2000 for cheap; which one performs better?

    Dave Krum

      Hello All,

      Just a general question regarding video cards for SW.  I am currently running SW2010 at home (home copy from work) and have a Firepro v4900.  It has been working fine w/o issues.  I just picked up a Quadro 2000 on Craigs List for cheap which I couldn't pass up.  I'm debating on whether to yank out my Firepro and put in the Quadro or just take the Quadro to my work PC (to get Realview working on work PC - i.e. sell it to them).  From my research online, most comparisons seem to show both cards to be comparable, price aside.  I realize that the Firepro v4900 is definitely the better value but since I already own both, which will actually perform better?  Opinions?  Thanks