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Generating Blank columns in Bill of materials----Urgent

Question asked by Vinay Chavan on Aug 2, 2013

Hello Member's.



I am having this problem at my new job. I have Basic knowledge about Solidworks and ePDM. My firm wants to change their Bill of materials and make them compatible to their ERP system i'e SAP. We have almost have 400 products and each has many sub-assemblies. I am the only engineer to do this. My manager thinks i have to edit all bom and make them compatible.

Here is a example: Currently if i generate BOM in Solidworks it gives me Part description part number and material. If I want more info it does not spit it. Same is with ePDM i go in vault and BOM add more columns those columns comes up empty. I have this technical support for S/w PDM and Solidworks. Those people said problem is with source file or I have to customized PDM(I think whic is quite irrelevant here).  They recommend me to take training but manager denied to release funds for this. So i have to find a way.

             Since i will be playing with company's database it will be dangerous. So i want a solution in which i can generate BOM i need with required data. Doing it manually will complete it in around a year and manual errors would arise.


One more thing i would like to mention here is i tried to go in source(Part file) change its properties and generate the BOM still it did not worked.(May b I havent done it right way I think) because i changed 2 part files properties and generated whole BOM and did not saved the part file properly.


I have attached a picture how ePDM displays the BOM after adding extra column.



Please Help me out. I have this weekend to figure this out. Any help would be appraciated. is my emailID if u got some info shoot me. Your help can get me extra boost at my work.



Thanks in advance...:)