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Problem to open a large assembly.

Question asked by Andy Kuang on Aug 1, 2013



I have a very strange problem with Solidworks.


It happened to me few times occasional, and I try to report to our Solidworks support team, but I do not have enough information to submit a report. I hope form this forum someone can give me an answer or some ideal how to fix or to how to avoid this problem.


When I opened a large assembly yesterday, I did some changes, and I found Solidworks had some mate’s problem. I saved my Assembly file. When I continue to work with this file and Solidworks crashed.


When I opened this Assembly again, and this assembly had a big problem. Because this assembly include different sub-assemblies, and each sub-assembly included some of the parts suppressed. In some reason, my Solidworks (2013 SP3) unsuppressed all the parts in all the sub-assemblies. I spent few hours to fix all my sub-assemblies.

Does anybody encounter this problem? Do you have any solution to fix it?