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    Flow Sim Results - plotting average temp on 2d

    Euan Long

      I'm wondering if there is a way to plot (as in a 2d graphic like similar to cut plots) average temperature through a component?


      I can make lots of 2d cut plots through the component at different measurements, but what I want to do is have a plot that shows the average temperature through the entire width of the component.


      Thanks in advance for any ideas,


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          Jared Conway

          if you want the average for the component just use a volume parameter, select the component, select the parameter and you'll ahve the min/max/average


          if you want the average per slice thats tough. if you had sliced the component physically, you could use a surface parameter and output the max on each. but your part has to be sliced before the analysis.


          without the slices, i'd put an array of points in your part and then parse the data from them to get the average per slice. (average of the points at the location of the slice) you could do something similar with XY as well. instead of an array of points, do an array of XY plots and then pull the data per slice.


          in the end, i think what you want is to be able to create a cut plot and get the average on the cut plot for a single component. since the software doesn't know your cut plot is going through solids and fluid, it can't really do that. but it theoertically could be possible. but nothing in the software currently.

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              Euan Long

              Hi Jared,
              Thanks for the reply. I don't think I fully explained what I meant, apologies.

              I have a 3D component made of an extruded 2D profile. For simulations it is necessary for the 3D geometry. For my results I want to create a 2D plot of the temperatures over the profile (that is extruded) through the entire width.

              In a very simple method I would create 10 cut plots equally spaced through the width of the component and then overlay them, adding the temperatures on top of each other and then dividing by the number of cut plots used (10). This would result in one 2D plot that shows (a rough) the average plot through the width.

              By increasing the number of cut plots used in this method, I would get nearer and nearer to the true profile through the width....is anything like this available?

              The more I think about this the more I doubt it is possible!