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Linking materials in drawing file to part and BOM

Question asked by Becca Whitney on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2013 by Steve Rauenbuehler



I am currently trying to link a material, with the dimensions of that particular part to the part itself from the drawing file and then to the BOM to have a full list of materials needed. I need to be able to tell my machinists that for this part they need to order a X by X by X piece of aluminum, for example and have it displayed in the form of an actual BOM. Is there a way to link these through part to drw to the BOM easily? Even if I only have to enter in the dimensions once, this would save an enormous amount of time because of the size of the assembly. I already have a materials BOM set up, I just need a faster way to insert the information rather than open each part to see overall dimensions then copy over.


I know that I can specify materials in the part but I need the numbers too. Is this possible?