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    API VBA - is a body flat Face coplanar with a Refplane ?

    Regis WACHEUX



      In a local sub , I would need to test if a flat face of a body is coplanar with a plane, and select it.

      I can not find the correct library to make this test directly. Does it exist ?


      In API VBA, we can create a RefPlane coincident from a body Face, but can this be "reversed" as a test condition ?


      The IFace2 IsCoincident Method does not work for testing a plane and face coplanarity.


      Some workarounds tests imply to modify the type of one of the item :

      For example create a RefPlane from the flat face (RefPlaneFeatureData Distance) , and test both planes parallel and coincident (GetRefPlaneParams)....

      Or to zero offset a surface from the body face, then get the sketch from the face to be projected on the RefPlane, then create a surface on the plane from that sketch, then test both surfaces (CoEdge)....


      As some studies have up to 70 faces coplanar to a plane to be selected, I would prefer to use a clean method which does not imply the creation of temporary features when traversing all the bodies faces ( sketches / surfaces / Refplane...), as these features have also to be deleted when leaving the macro, There could be a risk of deleting something else.


      Does a cleaner method than the workarounds exist ? If you have hints or ideas of API libraries and methods that I can have a look into, let me know I am interested....


      Thanks in advance.