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    Looking for: Good literature for fixtures

    Wolfgang Grzesik

      Hello, I'd like to expand my knowledge about fixtures in FEM with some good literature or examples. In many cases, there are different ways, you can solve a problem with several fixtures wich even let the results vary a lot. Since line fixtures do not exist in reality, I'd like to have a better understanding how to create fixtures as close to reality as possible.


      Does anyone know some good literature, skripts/information or even a good knowledge base in the internet? In english it would be great, even I'd prefer german since its a little bit easier.


      With special greetings


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          Jared Conway

          Something to consider. Simulations implementation is the same as all fe programs, so don't necessarily focus your search with solidworks sim. General fe forums might get you more hits.


          Only thing that comes to mind is Vince Adams books.


          A mentor and some training is usually best in my experience. We don't offer German, but could help you in English.

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            Thomas Murray

            This is an excellent question. I was just looking for such literature myself and can up empty. There are a few things on youtube about it, but only a few basic types of fixturing. I need more extensive literature that describes each fixture (including advanced fixtures), and what they do and why you would use such a fixture (as there are many options). I will look at vince adams' book to see if it has anything.