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Mates gone / missing from Assembly

Question asked by Jeff Morriss on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by Jim Steinmeyer



I've recently run into a problem regarding mates.


We have a large assembly with 10+ sub-assemblies (with hundreds of parts total as various sub-levels), all mated together and fully constrained with no mating errors, and today I opened it up to add another sub-assembly, added the 3 related mates, saved, and closed...


A co-worker later opened up the assembly to view and we found the assembly mates had completely vanished, the mate "group" is still visable but it is empty, all sub-assemblies have remained constrained as well (can't drag and drop them),


no additional forced mates can be placed... but I can create duplicate mates (like creating a parallel mate that doesn't affect current position) that cause the related sub-assembly to become unconstrained (over-rides what solidworks has retained as it's correct position) and utilizes only the newly made mate for position and the sub-assembly can be moved via mouse drag and drop


I've tried right clicking sub-assemblies to "view mates" but just an empty box pops up


There is only the default configuration available in the assembly, no additionals have been created


FYI assembly & sub-assemblies were created in 2012 solidworks, no conversions were present



any other information would be greatly appreciated


thanks in advance,


- Jeff