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Hardware for FEA and CFD – Need to reduce calculation times

Question asked by Adrian Lowes on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by Jurgen Zwanziger

Hello Everyone,


Fist time I have posted on here although I have been a solidworks user since 1998.


I run my own business, with two seats of solidworks 2013 x64. We are having a lot of demand for FEA and CFD analysis of large assemblies. On our current systems (which are only 2 years old, top spec at the time) are taking 48 hours to perform a typical project. I need to drastically reduce this time, but how?


FEA and CFD are just large matrix calculations. Back in the day (of 8086 machines) you could add a maths coprocessor to increase calculation speed. But as the software and hardware have become more complex – I have lost touch.

I don’t want to increase the number of seats we have, but create two “hybrid” seats which are taylor made to deal with FEA and CFD calculations.


With itro 30k to spend,  how do I achieve shorter processing time?


Please make your explanations as if you were talking to a six year old, and excuse my ignorance!


Additionally, please DONT GUESS – If you don’t know, don’t post!


Thank you in advance,