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ePDM and SW Configurations = no good

Question asked by Shankaran Shanmugabaskaran on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2013 by Shankaran Shanmugabaskaran

Can someone please assist with this topic of Solidworks configurations and epdm?
We are running 2012 SW and 2012 ePDM

We don't build simple widgets, but large manufacturing equipment that have assemblies and subassemblies that are shared amongst.


The issue we have been facing is that we cannot prove to users of the epdm system that a file is accurate because it may have a file has not been rebuilt error. An engineer may say it is fine, but the user will see that error, which can come up if ANYTHING changed on anything of that part/assembly or below. Something as simple as a color, a text, or just hiding something. Engineers don't like that's how epdm recognizes a file rebuild.



If 2 people are working on one master assembly for example, and there are 2 lower level parts that the 2 people are dealing with. If user A modifies part A, then the assembly has to be rebuilt. If user B modifies part B, the master has to be rebuilt.  And if you have configurations for say part B that is being modified by another third user, then ALL configurations need to be open and rebuilt.... Isn’t it a never ending battle on rebuild?


So in the end configurations are bad when it comes to using it with EPDM?