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Applying correct Boundary Conditions/Fluid Subdomains

Question asked by Chris Phillips on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2013 by Jared Conway

Hello all,

I am simulating the flow through a plate hx and coming across some problems. I believe my problems stem from not knowing how to properly apply fluid subdomains and boundary conditions. I have been able to run flow simulation and view my results, but I am coming across imposible conditions ( velocity of 0, temperatures falling to -400 F when my initial temperatures are in the range of 70 F to 900 F, and vaccuums when applying pressures).

My two fluids are both air. I have included two subdomains: hot air and cold air.

For both of them, I entered the flow velocity along with the pressure and temp.

I have four boundary conditions: cold in, cold out, hot in, hot out.

For both of my inlets I defined the boundary condition as a pressure opening defining the temperature and pressure.

For both of my outlets I defined the boundary condition as a flow opening defing the outlet mass flow rate.

The reason I set up the boundary conditions this way is because I don't know the outlet parameters.


I am new to flow simulation, so I may be missing what might seem to be obvious.