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Involute Spline sketching

Question asked by Joseph Pizzoferrato on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2013 by Jim Sculley



I am trying to create an involute spline curve for gear teeth on the outer profile of a part. 


Spline Data is as follows:


# teeth = 128

Pitch = 10/20

Pressure angle = 45

Base dia = 9.05

Major dia = 12.9

Pitch dia = 12.8

Form dia = 12.71 Max

Minor Dia = 12.67 Min

Pin Dia = .1920


The teeth sit on a 12.9'' OD.


I calculated a few items i needed:


Pitch(teeth/inch) = 10

Tooth thickness = p/2 = .157

Addendum distances = 0.1

deddendum distances = 0.125


I have attached  a picture of what i have so far.  The pressure angle with the horizontal is 45 degrees.


The base dia is off the screen and drawn at 9.05'' OD.


I do not have data for the gear that will mesh with the gear I am creating.  Do i need any meshing data from the other gear?


I highlighted the top of the tooth in red where the pitch dia and addendum dia meet to create the top of the tooth. 


Does something not look right?