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Multiple Configurations for Multiple Features

Question asked by Adam Willmott on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by Chris Cassettari

Evening All,


I have a question regarding the ability to control multiple features in a part, independantly of one another.


I know it is possible to create a single configuration using a design table, and linking chosen dimensions to the design table.


The problem I have is that I have many features, and each feature has many different dimensions.  It would be possible, but very time consuming, to include all possible variations in a design table, but I think there must be a more user friendly way of doing this.


To try and simplify my question, I have created an example below.  It is much simpler than my component, but hopefully explains my question a bit easier!




The above image shows 4 features.  Each feature has, for example (and ease), 5 different dimensions each.


Lets say for each feature there is a small, medium and large configuration.  So thats 3 configurations for each feature, totalling 81 configurations.  In my actual case, this would be uch higher.  Hence the complexity of using just 1 configuration table.


Is it possible to control just one feature at a time, either by configurations, or other method, independant of all others. 


I hope the above question makes sense, and I look forward to some helpful responses.