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    Color of ap203 step file

    robert dattilo



          I just recently had my computer redone, with reloading of SW etc. My question is, I just did some step files, & they used to be a nice blue in color, but now they're

      a bland gray. Does anyone know how to change back to the blue etc.?


      Thanks, in advance for any input;


      Rob_D SW 2013 Sp3

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          JOHN GEORGE

          Have you imported a step file or trying to export/save SW file to step?

          If you are exporting use ap214


          See this discussion

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              robert dattilo

              Hello John;


                   Thanks for the reply; yeah, I decided to go with ap214, which does various colors kind of nicely. As far as the ap203 export; what I usally do, is open them after I step them out, & they were opening in a nice blue, which kept the whole color scheme simply, yet the lines were pretty clear etc. I opened up a former step, before my computer was re-formatted, & it came out the grey as well. I'm thinking maybe it has to do with settings of how you view a step, possibly, more than the output colors, because of this.


              Thanks, for input;