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Pro-E Connector & SW ePDM

Question asked by Kevin Stickels on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by Rod Levin

I have another issue that I am not sure is related to ePDM but at least this will give me a starting point...


I have 2 engineers with completely identical machines both running SW2012 SP4, ePDM2012 SP4, and Pro-E WF5.0. They both went into the vault today and opening the same file for viewing only. They did NOT check out the assembly but both pulled "get latest". When it opened on one machine all the instances, refernces, etc. wer intact. On the other, files were missing, references broken, and the screen view was messed up. They opened the files into Pro-E from the vault; then opened Pro-E and pulled from the vault; then closed the files, and each re-opened separately. The one machine still works fine, the other still has issues. I am feeling this is either a Connector issue or something is different between the workstations. Has anyone out there had any similar experiences? I have also contacted the VAR...Thanks