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    Missing beams in static simulation

    Adrian Taylor

      Hey Guys, I'm attempting to run a simulation on a simple frame structure.


      The frame is constructed from square hollow section weldments and the members are treated as beam elements.


      A plate is welded to the top of the frame, this is treated as a solid body for meshing purposes.


      8 joints of the frame have been selected as fixed geometry, and a remote load is applied to a set of bolt holes on the solid plate mentioned above.


      The problem that I'm having occurs during meshing. For some reason or other, some of the frame members are lost and do not form part of the mesh, the leaves the simulation unsolvable as parts of the mesh are left dangling about in space.


      I've attached a couple of screen shots of the model with and without the mesh visable.


      Can anyone tell me why I'm missing some beams?

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          Adrian Taylor

          It seems as though some of the frame joints are being treated as endpoints instead of intersection joints (the pink dots indicate instersections and the yellow dots indicate endpoints)


          There aren't many things to play around with in the edit joints section, and I can't seem to get SW to recognise these yellow endpoints as intersections.


          Any ideas

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              Justin Strempke

              Have you tried resizing your mesh?  Sometimes it won't pick up parts, changing the size to clear the mesh seems to do the trick.  You may try adding a mesh refinement to the missing beams, just to have SWX 'see' them.  Otherwise, try to manually edit the joints to place connections at the desired locations (be sure to check 'Keep modified joint on update').  If you can post your model, we can take a look at it to see if there's other things interfering.

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              Jared Conway

              what version and service pack are you using? if you aren't using the latest (2013 sp3.0, check that version). i would also check the solidworks KB to see if there are any known issues.


              update the cutlist - see if that makes a different

              make a new study all together - see if they are recognized

              in the new study, make sure you've recognized all the joints

              if they still aren't. isolate those components in a new config by deleting the rest of the bodies, see if they show up, if they don't, you've got something wrong with your model. either upload here or contact your reseller.


              really, there isn't much to a weldment study and recognizing weldments as beams. if they are shown as beams in the solid bodies folder (assuming you don't have them set to be disabled..etc) they should mesh. if they aren't, it is somethign to do with the way you modeled them. if you can't get them to be recognized, see if it works in a brand new model that is similar and/or if you remodel them. same here, report to your reseller if it does. (you can also try exporting as parasolid and reimporting)

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                Mikael Martinsson

                Happens rather often also for me. (2013Sp3). The only solution that I've found is to build the weldment in more features. You should delete the members that don't mesh in your current solution and add them as separate weldment features. Sometimes you have to add only one in each feature to get it to work.