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Curvature Based Mesh does not click well with non pentration contact set?

Question asked by Keh Kuan cheng on Jul 31, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2013 by Jared Conway


I am a self learner in Simulation, have been trying out ways I could use simulation to anticipate how objects are bent, stressed.

I used curvature based mesh quite oftenly because it can solve faster with more elements compared to standard based mesh.


However I just could not get curvature based mesh to work with a contact set of non penetration. But once I switch to standard based mesh, eveything seems working.

I need to ask fellow users of Simulation, is this a bug or something I have not done correctly?


I am using SW2010 Simulation


Note that the 3 buttons are not bonded to the upper flat bar, it has very small gap. I used contact set non penetration between the surface of each button and the face of the flat bar facing down.




Then my fellow engineer told me if I were to make curvature mesh works with non- penetration, I got to reduce the surface of the contact set of the flat bar by creating split lines. So I did a 3 circular splitsfor each button on the flat bar. To my surprise it worked!!


So my next question is, why it worked and how do I define small area? Is there other way I could have make it work with non-penetration contact set?




I would be delighted to hear any kind advice.


Thank you