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Freelance Opportunity: Poole, UK. Surface, part & Assy skills - consumer products

Question asked by Mark Sanders on Jul 30, 2013

Based in Poole, Dorset, UK. We design a wide range of consumer products, from million selling Kitchen Tools, to Folding Bikes and e-Bikes: Please see for a historical view, with more advanced projects in the pipeline. Our work is fascinating, it is highly innovative and covers all aspects of product development from concept to production, aethestics to engineering.


I am looking for a skilled solidworks technician, product designer, design engineer, or mechanical engineer with strong solidworks skills  to help mainly with CAD modelling on a large but variable work-load of projects.  You must know at least the basics of consumer product design (eg plastics design, draft angles etc.) and have at least a basic grasp of mechanical engineering (eg appropriate tolerances, inspection dimensions etc.). Strong solidworks skills are however THE most important attribute needed eg surfacing techniques (with all the usual workarounds to achieve accurate, sculptural shapes), ability to build and troubleshoot assembly mechanisms, and robust part modelling. Rendering, animation and analysis skills would also be useful, but not essential. This probably needs several years of complex modelling experience - or a super fast learning, motivated graduate.


Based in South England, Ideally Dorset, we'll need to meet in Poole quite frequently  ... you would work from your own home/office/base with weekly meetings or as necessary. Mostly communicating via email, you will be self-motivated and have the ability to manage your own time. The work will range from a few hours a week to several days, depending on projects. It would not suit somebody looking for a full time 9-5 job, nor anyone much outside Dorset, UK. However, this could be an opportunity for a well motivated, enthusiastic new or recent graduate, with strong solidworks skills to start a business or self employment. Advice would be offered on setting up business. The work would also suit an existing Freelancer, a small Product Design Company or a Self-employed consultant.


Please note the work is complex, and needs frequent face to face contract so being based in or very near Dorset, UK is essential. I already have several other freelance contacts who I work with across UK and globally via skype, email and occational meetings, so sorry, unless based local to Dorset, this is not suitable for you.


I am looking for a long term working relationship, the scope of which depends on the individual - think flexible, fun and varied, (rather than 9-5, dull and boring). 

Please email: your resume, CV, Portfolio or website to: Mark, MAS design products strip.jpg