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How to modify swbrowser.mdb

Question asked by Pat Lafontaine on Jul 30, 2013


       I tryed to modify the swbrowser.mdb file but my changes dont appears anywhere! I have temporary change the file path to see if I have the right file, the toolbox stop working, so I have the right file.

                                The only things is that all the swbrowser file is in english, but my toolbox have been installed in french. I dont know if it could be the problem but I can not find other toolbox file.


                                I tried to add a size simply, I copied the right tab and edit it, but nothing is visible inside toolbox editor...How can I do? The goal is to create a new part; I copy a toolbox part and add some fonction on part. I wish to link the new dim to a value that can be edit in the toolbox editor as any other normal toolbox part. Any clue?