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Fit Surface around the model

Question asked by J. R. on Jul 29, 2013
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I'm making fairly complex project for a skin-on-frame sailboat. Frame is nearly finished, and now I want to model the skin, to see what it will look like, and add it to weight calculations. However, the shape of the frame is very uneven, with many protruding corners, and I can't find a way to "fit" the skin around the hull, like I would do it in real life - wrapping fabric around the frame in cone shape, and then cut and glue where neccessary. I want to make the final look of that skin in SW.


How do I do that in SW? I tried creating lines around prominent edges of the hull, and then make Boundary Surface, but it will take me maybe a full day to do it correctly, and still it won't be very accurate. If only I could make a Boundary Surface from different parts, without recreating every prominent edge with Sketch... But it says "Please select from the solid body of the component you are editing".


What I exactly want is for SW to "fit" the Surface around the hull (ignoring if such fabric shape is possible in reality), just like it would in reality if I were to "wrap" the skin around the hull.


I'm attaching a photo. Please, suggest the simplest way to do this. I would also be very grateful for quick answers, since I'm stuck, and I'm on a time limit here.


Thank you in advance.