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    2011 Solid works is crashing 48 times in 10 work days

    Lawrence Brocha

      I am hoping some one can help me,


      I have a new computer, HP ENVY H8 PC series, H8-1534,  Using a Nvidia Quatro 2000 card, New WINDOWS * 64 bit OS,


      I get lag often and after a short run It crashes,


      I started logging the amount of crashes in a day, I am getting on average 4-5 crashes per day. Talk about being unproductive. SYstem will just lock up and shut down solid works.

      I have no other issues, I run MS office fine all day long, Internet searchs fine, Just an issue with SDWKS


      Anyone know of any way to get a tech from Solid works to walk me through fixing this issue.




      July 29, 2013