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Chattanooga Job Opening - Lectrus

Discussion created by Nicole Walden on Jul 29, 2013

Lectrus Corporation is seeking a Structural Designer at the Chattanooga office to create custom 3D models, and generate drawings of products ordered, according to customer specifications. With three plants in the US, Lectrus is a leading electrical systems integrator in the US. They engineer, fabricate and install equipment centers, operator centers, generator enclosures, sub-base fuel tanks and other custom metal enclosures that protect complex electrical power and control systems.

Primary Job Responsibilities include:

 Review all applicable documentation and company procedural manuals to determine critical dimensions of design.

 Retrieve and review all customer specification documents, notes, sales quotes, vendor quotes, drawings and diagrams provided for purposes of designing product for customers.

 Confer with engineers and design staff to interpret design concepts, and determine design modifications needed.

 Perform calculations in preparation for designing products.

 Revise model, drawings and designs based on change orders and customer requests.

 Research specific code and regulation requirements related to buildings/projects being designed, as needed.

 Meet with customers to accurately interpret design specifications, as needed.

 Draft 3D Model, required drawings, analyze data to determine changes/modifications needed, and verify the accuracy and completeness of model / drawings.

 Coordinate and communicate with staff members in engineering, production, design, and management, to ensure designs meet customer expectations.

 Key in specified information to produce 3d Model representation of design for review and approval by engineering, design staff and customer.

 Work with manufacturing staff to interpret designs, answer questions and make changes as needed.


Skills/Qualification Requirements:

 Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering preferred, or at least 3 years’ experience in structural design.

 Formal training in AutoCad and SolidWorks software.

 Experience designing structural and steel products.

 Knowledge of power transformers, distribution panels, transfer switches.

 Exceptional computer skills.

 3 years experience using Computer Aided Design software.

 2 years experience with SolidWorks or similar 3D solid modeling software.

 Strong math skills, ability to perform structural calculations.

 Strong written and verbal communication skills.

To Apply:

Submit Resume to Jim Pugh at