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Synthetic jet model on aerofoil

Question asked by Ariel Elboim on Jul 30, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2013 by sandeep pawar

Dear whoever can help,


I am currently trying to model a simple synthetic jet on my s809 aerofoil. I have extruded a small hole in the surface on the pressure side and am trying to create a boundary condition coming out of it to model a synthetic jet: i.e a 1m/s velocity coming out of the whole. My goal is to see what effect this has on the airflow and boundary layer around the aerofoil.


When i put an inlet or outlet velocity (of the same magnitude as my 15m/s general settings flow) nothing happens. When i did it as a mass flow, the general 15m/s wind flow stopped running???


Could someone please help wtih advice on how to set this up?


Kindest regards Ariel