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The Shell From Hell.....

Question asked by Joel Rapoport on Jul 27, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2013 by Tom dunn

hello all,


im having some trouble with a part I am designing.

this part is made by surfaces, and after making it a solid im trying to shell it to 2mm thickness with this surface open:

each time im making some changes-im having problems in different surfaces....

I also tried splitting it in different places but with no results.

these are the areas that I usually have problems with:


so I tried changing the lofts, splitting the original single loft to 2 lofts and a boundary between them (you can see it in the part features) but now the shell is showing me problems in different areas.

im pretty frustrated.... this is not the most demanding and complicated surface ever made but im having a whole lot of shell problems which is burning up my time. I really need to go forward with this project and im getting stopped by this problem.


I usually try to offset the surface after I do it to 2mm offset in the direction of the shell to see if I will have problems. usually it does produce the offset, but sometimes the offset looks "bad" and deformed. I guess that's why im getting the problem shelling.


my main problem I guess is that I don't see (or understand) where is my problem. the lofts that im making look fine to me so I don't really see what im doing wrong and why im getting all these problems with shelling. I have done in the past parts that are much more problematic surface wise and I didn't get so much hassle.


if anyone can help me with some pointers it will be great.

if you want to download the part and play with it I would really appreciate it (I'm running SW2011).


with thanks in advance,