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Question asked by Danny Creech on Jul 27, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2018 by Dan Pihlaja

I am an aircraft designer putting one of my three designs into SolidWorks so that I can run the load testing on it before I build it.


I know very little about how to work in the environment of a CAD program. I have used advanced programs like Photo Shop on regular bases. I thought that program was hard to learn. I can see that SolidWorks makes learning Photo Shop child's play.


So, I am turning to all of you for advice. I'm not even sure what part I should start drawing first (wing spar, propeller, etc.).


So, if there are any of you that want to help me get started with this, I am looking for those of you who either know SolidWorks really well and enjoy aviation or those of you who are Aeronautical Engineers.


My design is a good bit outside of the standard “Spam Can” aircraft design. Mine will have interchangeable wings. The idea is simple but making it a reality is a good bit more complicated due to tail control loads at high speed. Fortunatly, I have figured out 95% of the design issues.


I am an American living and working in the Philippines. Time zone UTC +8.


Anyone who wants to offer your assistance in getting this project into SolidWorks, your help will be most appreciated.


Contact me directly at

Best Regards,

Captain Danny Creech