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    Altium sees SW step exported arcs as polygons

    Andrew Kronquist

      I have a simple torrid ring that I made in SW and exported it as STEP file so someone else can import it into Altium PCB layout software, but he says the ring isn't smooth, it's a multi-sided polygon. I really don't know what to tell him. Is someone here familiar with importing STEP files from SW to Altium?

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          Jerry Steiger



          I think the guy importing the part is having a problem. I can't see any way that a toroid in SW can turn into a polygonal toroid in STEP. I asked one our our EEs, who also use Altium, if there is something equivalent to the SW Image Quality screen, where you can set the wireframe quality low and turn circles into polygons, but he didn't find anything equivalent. All of the SW parts that we looked at seemed to have nice quality graphic images.


          Jerry S.