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    Solidworks employees please sort this out

    Peter Farnham

      How long does it take Solidworks employees to complete the subscription service?


      Well so far it has taken since May 2013 to renew my subscription and still I am unable to download the latest service pack as my serial number is not on the database.( Where it has been since 2003).


      Can anyone explain what the issue is here?


      You have my money and my VAR has spent many hours trying to get this fixed, but alas still no progress yet.

        • Re: Solidworks employees please sort this out
          Paul Cullen

          Hi Peter


          I had a problem like this when I updated my subscription recently, when I logged into solidworks most of the options showed a lock symbol beside them as if I was not on subscription,  I contacted my VAR and then re-associated my serial number to my email address and everything has been fine since.


          Hope you are able to get this sorted, it is way too long to have to wait since May to get this sorted, my VAR was able to get this sorted in a few hours of me reporting it to them. I would send an email directly to Solidworks as maybe you have paid your VAR but has your VAR passed the money onto SolidWorks. Do you know if any other SW user in your area that uses the same VAR has any similar problems after paying their subs.