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need a little help on making subweldments in feature manager tree

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jul 26, 2013
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Hello All,

Trying to get thru the Weldments lesson in my book and am stumped towards the end of it.  I have a weldment where the left end and right end are identical and both were made into separate subweldments in the "cut list items" section of the feature manager tree.  I have this done succesfully.  But the next step says to put both subweldments under a heading called "leg subweldments" with both subweldments (for the left and right sides) listed under.  Not sure how to achieve this.  I've attached the two pages from the Solidworks Weldments manual and also the part.  Thanks for any advice on what I'm missing!



P.S.  Forgot to mention what I'm trying to make, the folder called "LEG SUBWELDMENTS"