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    Derek Meyers

      Anyone know what this program is (solidworks_fs.exe), and why it launches itself at startup (despite not being shown in the Startup Item list)?


      My computer was starting to run a little wonky so I launched msconfig and turned off everything that I don't want running unless I manually launch the program.  Way too many programs these days try to keep background checkers and downloaders running constantly, without letting you know that ahead of time.  I turned everything from SolidWorks off, but after rebooting (and before opening SolidWorks), there it was in the Task Manager.  Strange.

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          Ian Worrall

          I think it's the Solidworks Explorer plugin for Windows Explorer.

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            Andy Sanders

            I believe it's the "Solidworks Fast Start".


            From the Solidworks Help:


            SolidWorks Fast Start


            To launch more quickly, SolidWorks begins loading components in the background when you start your computer.

            Solidworks Fast Start might slow down your Windows login time slightly.

            To turn off SolidWorks Fast Start:

            1. From Windows, click Start > All Programs > Startup.
            2. Right-click SolidWorks Fast Start and click Delete.
            3. When the dialog box appears, click Yes.
            You can restore SolidWorks Fast Start by repairing your SolidWorks installation.


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                Derek Meyers

                You nailed it.  It's been years since I had ever had a reason to look in the Startup folder, I had forgotten it was even there!  I'm totally OK with SolidWorks taking a little while to load.  If anyone was really that concerned with loads times they should just spring for a SSD.

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                Jim Pazen

                Andys response seems reasonble to me, but is there any way to test this to see how it affects both SW and the rest of my computer experience? You repair your install, and no matter what you do (SWreg backup, etc) you lose some settings and you all know where that's a pain...


                And no, my co-workers won't let me do it on their machines unless I do it on mine first...




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                    Josh Brady

                    It's just a shortcut.  I'm not sure why they would suggest doing a repair to restore the Fast Start thing.  Instead of deleting the shortcut, just move it out of Startup.  You should be able to just move it back in there if you want to restore.