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How to represent a resistor in a flattened route annotation drawing?

Question asked by Michael Thompson on Jul 25, 2013

I'm very new to this and do not know if this task is doable in electrical routing. I have a power resistor with a lead attached to each end with a crimp ferrule, per Pic 1. When I flatten the route to an annotated drawing, I simply get 2 separate leads with a crimp and a ring terminal on each. I have tried to create a component from the resistor as a component with (2) "C" points also as a resistor configured as a splice with a single "C" point. Even if I was able to create this component, could I generate a flattened route that consists of 2 leads connected by a component? It's starting to look like a harness must consist of a contiguous set of leads? I'm getting Pic 2 and I want Pic 3. Thanks for your help.